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Our industrial strength boot straps firmly secure the pant leg to the outside of the boot keeping out dirt, insects and other debris as well as preventing pant material from entangling within machinery.  Made of durable seat belt webbing, steel rings and more than 4 inches of hook ‘n loop material to provide strength and allow for varied sizes. Comfortable protection for the long grueling days on the fire line, in the mines or simply cutting brush in your own backyard.

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pant leg straps

Wildland Fire Fighters:

Made by firefighters for firefighters. Prevent blackleg, keep out ash, embers and insects. Our boot gaiters have been tested directly on the fire lines. PLS supplies trusted retailers such as Wildland Warehouse and Advantage Gear.

Miners and Industrial Workers:

Prevent unfortunate accidents or mishaps by keeping your pant material from getting caught in moving machinery. Keep coal dust and other debris from going up your pant legs and drying out your calves.

Loggers and Brush Clearers:

With our boot straps you won’t have to worry about your pants getting caught on downed trees, shrubs, bushes, or logs. Additionally, they will prevent your pant legs from getting tangled up in chainsaws, chokers, skip loaders, or bulldozers.

Other Outdoor Activities:

Great for hunters, hikers, fishermen, mountain climbers, gardeners, bicyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. These durable, long-lasting restraints are highly effective at keeping out unwanted insects, including ticks, fire ants, bees, red bugs, stump bugs, chiggers and scorpions. Plus the pant leg strap adds protection from poison ivy, poison oak, and the cuts and scratches made by brambles and thorns.


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